I am a senior at university, and this blog will be chronicling my travels, beginning with a one-semester study abroad trip. My major is in English with a Writing Specialization; I will be graduating the first week of May 2014, and I will be open to kickstarting my career anywhere. Hopefully, this blog will be enlightening for some.

Day 46: LM.C in Kyoto

A classmate of mine who is a mutual lover of Jrock/visual kei music decided that we should go to a concert together after she had done a presentation on Dir en Grey and my only comment was to make a remark about (singer) Kyo’s height as a way to show I was familiar. Many jrock/vk musicians I wanted to see either wrapped up their tours before I came to Japan, are touring right after I leave, or are holding fanclub-only concerts in which you had to have been in Japan and joined the club before a certain date… (The GazettE, one day I will see you!)

I’ve already been to Jrock concerts before, but always in the US, and seeing one in Japan was a very different experience. The most convenient way for a foreigner to buy a ticket for this event, if the ticket is available this way, is to go to Lawson’s and use a small machine there to get tickets printed on the spot. We had no idea how to navigate the machine but the lady there was super helpful. 

On the day of the concert, we went to language class then left immediately afterward, getting to Kyoto about 3 hours before the show, which is why I took the time to get the limited edition Sakura Latte from Starbucks. It’s a tea latte instead of a coffee latte I think, and it’s super sweet, but I loved it. The sprinkles on top are candied petals.

I don’t know if all small venue concerts are this way, but waiting in line is totally not a thing here, as the number on our ticket reflected when we got to enter Kyoto Muse. Kyoto Muse is a small venue; it was filled to about capacity and that capacity was about 300. Even though we bought our tickets about a week before the show, our numbers were 243 and 244, so we were near the back. Not that we minded, because visual kei shows in Japan are…an experience.

I’ve seen videos before, and so I knew kind of what to expect, but I wasn’t familiar enough with every single LM.C song to know when to throw my fist in the air with the beat, when to head bang furiously, when to “bow deeply?” to the breakdowns, when to jump. But EVERYONE else certainly did. So we just hung out in the back and watched. I occasionally sang along with the songs I knew.

Other than that, the music was great. LM.C sounded phenomenal live. Also, Maya was really chatty and playful. I was very proud of how much of what he said I understood. My classmate said she couldn’t understand his “mumbling” and his accent. I told her Miyavi does the same, so maybe me watching lots of interviews is why I understand, but come to find out, Maya mentioned he’s from Maibara—a town right next to ours that I’ve visited a few times. Okay… (I later looked up Miyavi and he’s from the Kansai region too; born in Osaka and raised in Kawanishi.) I also noticed that although Maya never seems to look that good to me in pictures, he certainly is cute in person. I don’t know how that works.

I bought a shirt at the merch table, and it was about 3500 yen and only came in one size. Luckily, that size fits me. We were also handed free flyers. I felt really bad because I noticed boxes for dropping off gifts and letters to Maya and Aiji. I didn’t have anything for them, and I felt pretty badly for some reason. 

So after the concert, we headed straight home and to bed because we had an exam in the morning. I love that Kyoto is only an hour away; I definitely plan on visiting again before I leave, maybe during hanami.

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